HRS unveils the aseptic UHT milk sterilizer – a revolutionary milk processing system that outperforms the other milk pasteurization processes by killing all the microbial spores.

Sterilization is done to increase the shelf life of the milk. After sterilization the milk is then packed in aseptic environment. HRS provides the Ecoflux * corrugated tube heat exchanger based aseptic UHT milk sterilizer which can heat the milk upto 140 °C, hold it for 3s to 6s and then cool it below 25°C for aseptic packaging. Closed loop system of the UHT enables optimal heat transfer and energy efficiency by recreating and reutilizing maximum heat generated.

The UHT retains all the necessary nutrients and product characteristics. The production process is fully automated and sterile. The equipment is sterilized before production and the sterility is maintained throughout the production cycle.

Highlights/ Features:

  • Process driven system
  • Fully Automated
  • Expertise and knowhow of Dairy processing
  • Optimum utility consumption
  • Fully automated , built-in CIP systems
  • Easy maintenance
  • Performance guarantee


  • Increased shelf life of milk
  • Low product loss and higher yield
  • Consistency in milk quality
  • Greater Efficiency – Longer running time, low operation and maintenance costs
  • Product is safe and ready for aseptic packaging

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The need of the consumer for ready-to-drink beverages in the busy and competitive work environment is increasing by day. Consequently, the concept of packed fruit juices has evolved. The processing involves pasteurisation of juices to ensure the desired shelf life of the beverage.

The Dairy industry is growing at a rapid pace. As the volumes of production are rising extensively, stringent Food Safety laws are being formulated and implemented. The need for increased automation, to minimize the human intervention and to monitor the production process continuously, is going up concerning human safety.

Most of the processors, till now, have carried out the preheating or pasteurisation of fruit pulp unhygienically using steam jacketed open kettle. Result was unhygienic process with disadvantages like non-uniform heating, charring, falling of foreign material in product, loss in flavor and aroma etc.

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